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TWIST Ice cream

The new delicious and functional jar for ice cream dessert.


Designed to help ice cream professionals with a product that is simple to make, impressive and very easy to handle.

Twist comes in eight appealing flavours.
They are created by combining a new type of fiordilatte or vanilla ice cream with sauces and creams, nuts, marron glacé, chocolate-covered cereals, meringue.

Each flavour contains a different crunchy part that enriches the flavour nuances and satisfies the palate.
The transparent jar with its copper-coloured aluminium cap makes this single-portion perfect for take-away and easy to store in the ice-cream parlour; at home it is ready to serve and elegant to bring to the table.
The kit for professionals includes the special ice-cream base and all the ingredients, the jars, internal protective discs, labels and take-away packaging.

Professionals can always count on training in their workshop, advice on communication at their point of sale and on customising product packaging.


  • meringue and lemon cream
  • raspberry and cream
  • coconut and passion
  • marron glacé
  • hazelnut and chocolate
  • peanut and chocolate
  • the three cremini chocolate
  • salted pistachio

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