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A new way to enjoy ice cream

Olé is a handmade, gluten-free sponge cake that can be cut and garnished at the moment with your favourite flavours.
The dry softness of the sponge cake mixes with the fresh creaminess of the ice cream that is enriched with new flavour nuances.

Olé can be created in many versions, depending on the ice-cream parlour’s offer, which can also include unusual and gourmet combinations.

Made according to the classic sponge cake recipe, but without gluten, Olé is particularly soft and has a size of about 8 cm in diameter by 2 cm in height, convenient both to garnish and to hold in your hand to enjoy.

Each cake is enclosed in a transparent, freshness-saving individual package, designed to be opened on the spot.

The kit for professionals includes the cupcake, a personalised napkin
refrigerated counter tag and other point-of-sale communication tools, such as panels and counter tops.

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